Sparcells Surgery

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Patient Charges

Charges for services not funded by the NHS

Private Prescription £14.50 For patients who do not qualify for NHS services (the pharmacy will also charge a fee for dispensing the drug)

Other Charges

Private Consultations, Medical Reports and Examinations (fees recommended by the BMA)
These include: Medicals for DVLA, Taxi Drivers, Racing Drivers, Seat Belt Exemption, Pilots, Fitness for Exercise, Fitness to Attend School, Pre-Employment Medicals and Parachute Jump Reports.

Here are some examples:
Pro-Forma Report – no examination (20 Minutes) £73.50
Detailed Report – no examination (30 Minutes) £109.50
Detailed Report with examination (45 Minutes) £164.50

Certificates and Claim Forms

Freedom from Infection Certificate £37.50
Provident Association Claim Form (eg BUPA/PPP) £37.50
School Fees Insurance Claim Form £37.50
Sickness/Accident Insurance Benefit Claim Form £37.50
Health Club – Patient Fit to Exercise £37.50